Monday, January 12, 2009

The weekend

We had a great weekend. We couldn't go to church because several of the kids still have a bad cough(we are not allowed to come to church if they are coughing or have runny noses-which I like but it seems like we will NEVER be able to go back-LOL) but other than that they are fine. I don't think it's right for half the family to go and the other half stays here. We had church with just our family Sunday and it was wonderful. We have started getting together with another family on Sunday nights and unfortunately they couldn't come because they were sick too. But we missed them! So, we were able to enjoy just our family. Jason spent alot of time outside with them. They really enjoyed helping Daddy! Jason and I got alot of time to talk. We just really had a rejuvenating weekend, praise God!

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