Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 Reflection

As I was analyzing this past year I have to admit that I was disappointed. What happened to that "This will be the best year of my life!!" mentality? I had failed, miserably. With a new resolve to make THIS year the best year ever I told Jason how I felt. He looked at me and said "Are you kidding me? This year has been the best year you have had in 15 years. Think of all the ways that God has worked in your life, the things he has brought you through, the progress you have made!"
At his point I had one of those AHA! moments. Wow, I was looking at this year singularly. Sure, there were things that I would have loved to change but he was right, God has brought me to a new place. I know that I have new places to go to, that I MUST go to but I am so grateful that I am not in the places that I have been. Dark, hideous places. He rescued me from them, still bringing me up to see light. Jason made the comment yesterday regarding people who say that they are too far gone or don't have any hope "If you are so far down in the pit that you can't see the light, the least you can do is stop digging. Start trying to climb out, even if it's a little bit at a time. Eventually, with God's help, you can see the light again." This was me several years ago. Every day, every hour I would cry out "Why can't I see the light?" He is faithful, he pulled me out inch by inch. I can now look at this next year with gratitude for his sustaining me thus far and hope that he will sustain me always. Happy New Year!!
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