Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ani Phyo's "Love-The-Chicks Pate"

This recipe was ok. I think one of the problems that many people might have with this recipe is that it misguides you into thinking that this will taste like scrambled eggs. Not even close. So, if you don't go into it thinking that's what your going to get, you'll be fine. I made the base pate and added tomato, onion, and yellow pepper all wrapped in a romaine lettuce wrap. I also tried it on my buckwheat crackers. It is very filling. It really needed something though so I tried to put a little nama shoyu on it and that worked. It was awesome then. We have alot left over in the fridge so I guess I will be experimenting with it. I thought about trying to put it in nori sheets.  If you're looking for a pate that's hearty and NOT humus like, this is it. Otherwise, stick to the humus.

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