Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Meal Planner

I am so excited about a new meal planner Jason is creating.

  • It will give me the ability to schedule meals on certain days
  • Because many raw food meals take several days to prepare, this planner will create an event for the number of days needed, which will allow me to get reminders, etc...
  • I get to customize it the way I want! yay
  • It will be web based which means I can access it anywhere
  • I *think* I will be able to drag and drop recipes on the day that I want. 
  • It's free
  • Eventually, I believe we will be able to have a community that can access each other's public recipes.
I love my husband! 


Anonymous said...

Crystal - I saw your post about the meal planner your husband is creating and curious if it is completed and if it works up to your expectations. I have six adopted kids all with special needs, inlaws living with us and a military husband that is gone a lot. I would LOVE something like this to plan our meals as I am gone daily to therapy and doctor appointments. I've been trying to go raw since last summer and we were doing great until Dad got home in December. He has been supportive, but he likes to "CHEAT" and now the kids like to cheat. So I feel if I have more structure with grocery shopping and meal planning, this may help curb things. Thanks a lot and hope to hear from you.

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to you. We had to take a break from this project due to births, etc.. but my husband actually started back on it recently and will hopefully be done soon. I will post here and email you when it's available. I hope it helps! I know that I can't wait :)