Friday, April 02, 2010


Well, for the last 2 days I have tried extremely hard to work on my thinking in regards to being content and remembering the end goal. It has really impacted me. I can say honestly that during these 2 days I have slipped several times. These times have been moments where life completely feels overwhelming. However, I am shouting for joy because God has allowed me to actually recognize these thoughts and he has helped me to calm down and move forward. These overwhelming feelings use to last several hours but thanks be to God they have been shrunk down considerably! For those that don't know me, stress impacts me on different scales. It cripples my mind and body. I physically hurt. My mind is turned to mush it seems and I can't think straight. Praise God that he is so good and he is the only one capable enough to pierce through the darkness!

On another note, we had our reflection service at church last night. I have been in and seen many plays/productions regarding Christ's death and resurrection. I can say loudly and boldly that this was by far the most piercing reenactment that I have ever seen. They set it up to where the audience(believers in Christ) could participate. Participating in the Lord's supper, singing after it(remember, they sang a hymn after Jesus ate with the 12), and the most powerful of all, nailing our written sins to the cross. The choir sang "Were You There". The choir quietly left and the congregation followed without making a sound. There was no resurrection, no joy..yet. Oh I can't wait till Sunday! The kids told me when we got in the car that we just HAVE to be there Sunday. It makes my heart sing for joy that they would rather go to celebrate Christ's resurrection than to go to visit family to eat candy. I love my family but that's not what Resurrection Sunday is all about! Have a joyful and reflective Friday!

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