Thursday, April 01, 2010

Yummy Raw Sub Sandwich

This is so good and it really hits the spot when I am craving a sub.
- 1 Romaine Lettuce HEAD
-Various veggies to put on it
- Some type of sauce/spread.
Take the head of romaine and cut the bottom piece of and then stand it up on its bottom. Slice it from top to bottom. Take the 2 pieces and take out the very middle small leaves. This is where you will stuff you veggies. I like to put a sauce on first. You could use salad dressing, homemade mayo., mustard, anything. Stack your veggies on. I usually slice my veggies pretty thin so I can put more on. Some suggestions are:
-red/green peppers
-salt, pepper, red pepper flakes

You could also "toast" your sub by warming it or grilling the lettuce head before you put the veggies on. This might seem crazy to eat a whole head of lettuce but if you just eat a couple of leaves it doesn't give it that nice hearty feel that you look for in a sub.


Anonymous said...

oooo this sounds amaing! i deff wanna try it! so u use a whole head of romaine??? realy?? :)
Vere'nique B

Crystal said...

Yep, that's what makes it FEEL like a sub.