Saturday, November 25, 2006

I haven't been posting as uch because I have been trying to go to bed later and wake up later. Jason is usually on the computer at night so I haven't had a chance. Well, Thanksgiving went fine. We stayed home because Toby came down with a cold. Unfortunately, this will effect our plans for tomorrow. We won't be able to have church. It's so frustrating but I guess 'tis the season, huh. The vacation time that Jason has taken off has been nice. We were able to talk about a lot of things. Today we will probably go to the new bookstore. I will also work on my baskets. I have another project I want to start after this that I am excited about. A friend of mine showed me how to let Kaitlyn begin her own quilt so I am letting her do that and she uses the scrap material from my baskets. It works really well! Gotta go, hopefully today will be fun and relaxing!

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