Monday, November 13, 2006

Sunday was great. We went to the bookstore early(9:30) and stayed until almost lunchtime! I can't wait till the new Booksamillion opens up down the road, then it won't be such a drive. We went to Michaels as well. I bought some stuff to make soap with(yes the easy way!. I really want to make it from scratch but I am starting simple. I just bought the base, coloring, and scent. You basically heat the base in the microwave and then add everything you want to it and pour it in the mold. If this works out I might try to make some all natural things and then give some as christmas presents. I am also planning on making biscottis for everyone. I am going to start today. I am thinking about taking pictures along the way(just for you Susan!) Jason is off work today so I don't know what the "schedule" will look like. I am still doing school with the kids though. I want the time off for the holidays! I have been thinking about changing some things with the curriculum. I feel like they would read more if they were able to pick from a group of books. So, I am still going to do the core Sonlight curriculum but I am going to let them choose what LA(language arts) books they would like. We will likely do one week, they choose, the next week, I choose from the leftover sonlight la books. I was going to upload some pictures but my camera is out of batteries so I will have to wait till they charge up!

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