Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Inviting Company Over

Do you invite people over? I rarely invite people over and it made me wonder why. I think several things are at play here. When I was little, I never wanted anyone to see how filthy my house was(my Mom was severly depressed and my Dad didn't have time to clean because he was working 2-3 jobs sometimes.) Therefore, I rarely invited anyone over. Dh never even saw the house I was living in when we met. I lived there for 2 years before we moved. Also, I think why would anyone want to spend time with me or my family? No one else has this many kids so surely they wouldn't want to come over in the midst of us. I was specifically thinking about a couple at my church who have kept our kids on 2 occasions. They have a young son who the kids love to play with. I have never invited them over. It dawned on me that this might seem rude. However, what if they don't want him to come over? What if they don't trust me as a caretaker? Do any of you feel this way. Is this silly thinking? I guess they could say that they don't want him to come over, period. But, I don't want to put them in that situation and I surely don't want to feel unworthy. What do you think?

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AIMEE said...

Hospitality is a wonderful gift and is surely an exercise in humility. Don't be afraid...everyone feels that way when it comes to having people over...when you begin to have people or kids over more regularly it will get more and more natural for you. You will be so blessed by it as will others :) By the way, this has been a favorite article of mine for years and thought you might like it: