Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our home is protected

This is pretty funny. A couple of days ago At&T came out and just started digging up our front yard to change out something. Dh was a little disturbed because there was SOME grass there(and we really don't have much in the first place..LOL) but he didn't fuss about it. Then, we got up the other morning and Dh goes to get in the car and he comes back in. He looks at me and says, "Do you notice anything different about our yard? Is there something missing?" I looked out and realized we had no mailbox!! Someone had completely taken down our mailbox and left a huge tire mark in our yard(near the road..but still). Dh fixed it yesterday and when he came in he explained his view on things. Satan doesn't like our yard obviously. But, we think that there is a circle of Angels surrounding our home. All these things are Satan's attempt to get at us but God's army has surrounded us! All God has allowed him to have is a measly piece of land! Thank you God.


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