Monday, January 28, 2008

We finally got the car fixed last week and we got to all go to church yesterday. Man, there is something special about everyone going. we had wonderful services because this is Missions Festival week. So, we got to listen to the missionaries talk about the places they have been and are planning on going. It was very humbling. It makes me want to throw out all of my luxuries and rebel against the world of modernization. Oh wait, that includes Internet. Don't think I could do that! I get so much support from some wonderful ladies at and Truly wise and blessed women. Many other things I could(and do in some cases) live without like tv, video games, convenience foods, clothes that are overpriced, and the list goes on. I have stopped wearing makeup because I realized that it's useless. Dh said he likes it better when I don't wear makeup! So, I don't have to pay for the product and I don't have to give the government any money to look "pretty". The question I have been asking myself is "What do I really need?" I think this is a question that needs to get asked often because we have different needs at different times in our lives. It also changes from person to person. If I didn't have children I might just do away with health insurance(though I don't know if that would be a wise choice..LOL) It makes me sooo angry at the wastefulness of our government AND our own wastefulness. When I was working at the Hyatt(a while back!) the company gave everyone a huge turkey. This was all wonderful and everything but most of the people were not living in want. They didn't need it. Half of them just left it in their freezer. So, I decided I would write the president a proposal to give all the turkeys away that people weren't going to use. We could give it away to the poor. I did add that it would be beneficial financially if they put news of their generosity in the paper. Well, they decided to give the turkeys away to the poor and guess what, it was in the paper! At least I made a small impact. I believe they still do this to this day(Where I worked, I don't think this went national). So, a challenge to me and to all of us is to find ways of being less wasteful and in the process maybe we can actually become useful.

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