Monday, January 21, 2008

A Very Boonie visit

My sister, or Boonie Bug as I like to call her, visited yesterday. I always enjoy her visits. It's funny because we weren't always good friends. She was a REALLY bad sister! She was sooo mean to me. We were talking about this yesterday and had several good laughs. I asked her why she didn't play with me. Why did she take the heads off of my barbie dolls. She said she took the heads off because I wouldn't let them marry Cecil, her stuffed animal monkey looking thing. I don't remember that, but it is funny! She said she was mean to me because she always got into trouble for stuff that I did(take the hairbrush, lose something). Nothing big she said. One time she hid my shoes for church and Mom got really angry. I am told, though I don't remember anything, that Mom drug me down the hall by my hair. She said she felt bad. I remember the shoes being lost but I guess I was too traumatized to remember the rest! LOL At any rate, we had a great time. I wish she lived closer. She and I are really close now. I hope my kids have a great relationship like that.

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