Friday, January 25, 2008

Trip down memory lane..

This morning I was cleaning out the guest room and just had to stop and look at some old pictures. I love looking back! It's so fun to see how we change. It brings back so many feelings and memories. I am going to upload some of my favorites today. Needless to say, I have yet to clean up the room. LOL :(
My sister and I when I was 10 LOL

My younger sister and I.
This is in Moldova Russia. I went there on a mission trip. This was at the house where we always ate. They were so kind. Beside me is our interpreter.
This was in the Mayor's office in Moldova, I believe. As you can see, I was surrounded by "wisdom" LOL I was only 14 but I had a heart for missions even then. My pastor(Pastor Rob is on the far left) was a very good friend of mine.
Jason and I at his prom. I was 16.
My family just a year ago! It was a great day.
Love walking down memory lane...

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