Monday, January 07, 2008

Yesterday was nice. I took the older kids to Church while Jason stayed home with Andrew and Alex. It was nice to go but I did get a little upset. Lately it's been really hard to enjoy 'today" because I am worrying or getting stressed just thinking about how I am going to handle tomorrow. Seeing people at Church just reminded me how lonely I am(I have Jason of course but he can't be here during the day.) I can't really get invovled in anything during the day because it is so hard with all the kids to do anything. Since it's winter most of the things that we could do cost money. It's not so bad paying $7 to go to Edventure for one kid but when you multiply that 6 times, it's something totally different! I thought about trying to have something here at the house but I can't devote time to a sewing group and it's too noisy to do a reading group. I would love to teach or "share" what I am learning about music but not very many people care that there are 70 octaves in our frequency spectrum, only 7 of which can be musically effective. Think of what it will be like in heaven when we are not limited by our bodies! Wow. Bottom line is, this season is tuff! Next year will be better but tomorrow might be worse.

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