Monday, January 07, 2008

Taking care of "family"

I just had to write another entry today. The Church we are going to has really shown us what being a part of a church "family" is all about. Specifically, a couple in leadership have been giving to us as if we were truely family. I am so grateful, though I don't really know how to show it. My own family hasn't given to me as much as this couple has. I wish they knew how much it meant to me, depsite my feeble attempts at showing it. How do you show someone that you appreciate what they are doing? A card, words, or doing something for them? Maybe a card would be best. Yes, I will send them a thank you card. There are not many churches that treat their members as family. The last example I saw of this was when one of my family members got into some financial problems and the church stepped in, happy and excited to help! I was so grateful. Thank you God for all of those people out there striving to bless you through blessing others. Help me to grow into a Godly woman that seeks to glorify you through the building up of other believers!

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