Monday, January 14, 2008

Week in review

This past week was tuff, not as bad as the week before though. The kids and I had a lot of good times that I am thankful for. I really tribute it to God. I specifically prayed for several things(not material things) this week and by his grace and mercy I was able to praise him for them. We are still a one car family but our church family has graciously stepped in and is offering to give us a ride to church. It's been hard accepting help because it is a form of humility. I wanted to specifically shout out a I'M OK!!! to my mom(my mama Sue mom) who has been worried about me. You have rightly been worried for there has been some CRAZY, UNPRODUCTIVE, and seemingly MEANINGLESS days this month but God is good and he is always there when I wake up in the morning. When the sun hasn't shown its light, the babies are sleeping, and it's just me. In this big house, amidst the undeniable presence of God, there is peace.

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