Monday, February 25, 2008

Back from retreat

I am back from the women's retreat that I went to this weekend. I had a great time. Though I am mentally exhausted, just from pondering my life etc... It's hard to put a magnifying glass to all your issues. We didn't go to church yesterday because everyone was really needy of each other. So we just stayed home and got filled back up again.It was great. The retreat was on despising the day of small things. There were a lot of great points that our leader shared. Here are some of the things that I walked away with
~ Everything is ordained by God, even the small things. If we despise the small things, we despise the God who ordained them
~Small things are a chain that links the beginning of something to the end. If we leave out the small things, we will likely not get to the end.
~This is something I thought about. Small things are memories, right? Sometimes small things are what makes life hard or a project hard. If we didn't have those small things, we wouldn't rejoice as much when we finished. Usually when finishing something we look back on how hard it was to get there.
~Our leader pointed this out. In order to figure out the main calling in your life for RIGHT NOW is to ask yourself. What can only I do? For me, only I can be a mother to my kids and a wife to my husband. Obviously, this is only a small part of what God's calling would likely be but it's a great place to start.
~I was thinking about Jesus and his life from beginning to the cross. All those "small things" in between are what guides us as believers. We see his love and humility among other things because of all these things that he does. If he had just came and then died(finished) I don't think we would have fully appreciated his sacrifice. On top of that, we wouldn't have had an example to live by. So the small things were a link to the finish. Thank you God for the small things!

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