Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Today we are supposed to go over a ladies house and do games and crafts. I am excited but a bit nervous. She lives about 30 min from here so I am praying that the kids will be good for me in the car. I am planning on taking some pictures as well. So hopefully I will be able to post some later today. I believe I am done with the eating disorder series(unless I think of some other things to add) so I will start on the cleaning one soon. I NEED to!LOL I will be green shakin it today(meaning mostly green shakes consumed) to get my energy back up. That sickness drained me! I will add walnuts, bananas, mixed fruit, and collards. That is one of my favorite combos! I might add an orange if I get to craving it. Jason loves apples in his. He says it can replace bananas for a base. Apples sometimes give me tummy problems so I am staying away from too many. Have a blessed day!

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