Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, I thought for sure that we would all be better now, considering that we are taking zicam. Kaitlyn still feels bad, and Charlotte has a touch of it now. I have a sore throat but it's not that bad. Andrew still has it, though not near as bad as Kaitlyn.
Last night I went to Earth Fare to see if they had Sambu-Gaurd for kids there(they didn't) and it was a really different experience. As I drove through downtown, there were so many bars and restaurants that were packed. I started to long for the day when Jason and I could "be out that late" and not have to worry about kids. The funny thing is, we wouldn't be going to a bar or restaurant if we had a chance. I had to remind myself of that as I envied those I drove by. Then, I had to ask forgiveness for desiring the "freedom" that these people had. I realized that I get to go home to 7 people who love me. I have a husband that, even when I don't have "freedom", makes me feel like I do. I do long for the day when we can go hiking again. But those moments will be sweeter the longer we have to wait. Maybe that's what waiting for heaven is like. We go through all these things on earth and the longer we're here makes arriving there all the better.

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