Saturday, February 16, 2008

Why Me? - Part 2

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Why me?

There were so many times that I asked this question. Why couldn’t I just be one of the normal people? Even before the eating issues started, I was different. I never fit in. Little did I realize that most people, at one point or another, feel like they don’t fit in. In an attempt to understand why, I have thought more about my past than that of the present. Trying to find that “ah ha, so that’s why. “ It’s good to understand why. It’s not good to sit in it, wallow in it, and bring others in it with you. This is what happens a lot of times. Eating disorders consume. What’s in your thoughts will come out in one form or another and you will bring others into your world. A world of irrational ideas. It might seem like no one understands or they don’t care. That’s probably not true. They just don’t get you. They don’t see what you see. It’s not your job to make them see what you see. In order to get better, you do not need to bring everyone into your world. You need to get out of your world. The first thing, a very important foundation for recovering, is to forgive those that hurt you as a child. Just do it, choose to forgive, and let go. Then don’t visit them again.


Watkins Gal said...

LIKE OMGosh! My mouth is gapeing wide open. You hit that nail right on the head. This is my feeling exactly and I have been trying to peice my puzzles together from childhood. My eating disorder stems from childhood as well. I will be checking back to read your blog. Hopefully we can conqure this maddness! Hope to see more of your shake recipes. Netashia

Crystal said...

I am glad(or maybe I'm not..hehe) that you can relate. I just rejoice in the fact that one day, when I'm with my Heavenly Father, I will not have this struggle!