Monday, February 04, 2008

Mango green more

Well, I spent $8.00 at Sam's for a bunch of mango. There weren't any that were good! I am so sad. I love mango in my green shakes. I had strawberries instead(a nice alternative). I have been having oats with banana for breakfast, green shakes for snacks(2), a big plate of veggie slices with avocado(mushed up with lemon and garlic powder) for lunch, and oats again for dinner. I also have a grapefruit before bed usually. I am having to really get simple because of my digestive system(as a result of my past). It is so sensitive. I have to be really careful what I eat. I do drink hot tea and coffee. This is a great improvement! I used to drink soda all the time. Now when I drink it, I am in pain on the floor from all the gas bubbles it gives me. I am so thankful that now I pay for choosing to drink them. It gives me so much motivation.


Tracee said...

I'm glad it motivates you! I started having digestive problems with coke and so switched to pepsi. not very motivated, am i? LOL. one of the goals i have for moving to charleston is to start eating healthier once we get settled. i have already started buying more organic products on a daily basis. yay me!

kam said...

It's really hard to concentrate on eating healthy with all your energy going to little ones! The green shakes give me more energy than any other food I have ever eaten. I would try them if I were you! They are so easy.