Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I'll just finish updating on the weekend. Saturday we went to the zoo. It was great because they had all the boo in the zoo stuff up. Nothing was lit but we still got to see everything. I can't bring myself spending $5 a child to go get candy. We are going to anderson this weekend to a pumpkin patch so I hope the kids take that as their "halloween". We bought them costumes and this is how it's broken down. Kaitlyn is a bride, Charlotte is a princess, Toby is Mr. Incredible, and Summer is a princess. They look adorable. I am planning on getting some pictures this year! Yesterday and today have been really nice. We have taken the week off of school so I am catching up on some things. I finished my MOTH schedule and sewed Kaitlyn a skirt today. We made some beds and a "bridge" out of craft sticks and hot glue. They had fun with that. I am expecting to be able to go to MNO tonight so that will be nice. I have found a tea I really like. It's Earl Grey. It has a flavor I really didn't expect-YUM! I am trying to cut back on my soda and this is a great substitute. I haven't had soda in a week! Oh, one more thing. My FIL sent me a letter in the mail that said he donated 2 bible in my name!! How great is that. That REALLY made my day.

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