Monday, October 23, 2006

The weekend was great, really relaxing. We even had a mini service here at the house with the kids. I haven't found a devotional that I like so I thought we would begin Pilgims Progress. The kids really enjoyed it. We then listened to some worship songs. I have been thinking about something to do for Russian Missions. I am going to start an apron drive. I want to collect as many aprons as possible, I'll set a number later, and I am going to send them with love to the Russian Women. I am encouraging Aprons with scripture on them. I think this would be a fun thing for some of the older girls that are homeschooled. I think I might have the people who I am going to send them to but I need to read up on them a little more. Why you ask? Because they have very few things, in comparison to us, that make them feel feminine. I remember when I went that all the women we met up with, who were in charge of a daily household, wore an apron. I am going to start on mine soon. I will update on the weekend more a little later.

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