Thursday, October 12, 2006

Public displays of affection or PDA

Have you ever heard that term outside of public school? What does it mean? Does it mean the loving hug from your little kid or the groping affection of two highschool age kids? I realized today as I walked through the bookstore that the bad version of PDA is everywhere. It's not so much done by the people that pass you by, but its everywhere! How you ask? Look at the magazines at the grocery store, the covers on books, pictures plastered on the mall walls. How in the world can we set a Godly example for our kids when the media has determined that they will teach them how to look and act? The only solution is to basically stay clear of places like that. You may think I am crazy, how could anyone NOT go to the mall? What does it offer you? Something to do? Go to the park, play a game with your kid, go sit them down and TALK to them. Find out where they are in their head. When they get a little older, old enough to start training their thoughts and actions, teach them to CHOOSE to turn away from those things, pictures, books ,etc.., that turn their mind to mush. Easier said than done. I think that if your kids see you making changes, even if you fall, it sets a better example for them than seeing your face plastered to some obscene magazine. Do you really want your little girl strutting her stuff down the beach in some of those almost naked bathing suits? I am sorry to go off on a rant but it just gets to me, the shear disrespect for the human body that most people have. It's not ours. It was bought with a price. This is a topic that I have thought alot about in the last year and my opinions and convictions are changing gradually, for the better. It's amazing how God changes us. I can't imagine who I will be in 10 years!!

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