Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Last night was a lot of fun. We had a mother's night out at Atlanta Bread Company. I had a blast. It's so nice to talk with the other moms. Julia was there as well so that was a nice suprise. She is a mom that lived near me when we lived closer to town. I really hope she continues to come up this way because the whole family misses her family. Yesterday was a much better day. I tried not to think for most of the day. If I started thinking, I would end up worrying. Did I ever mention that I am a worrier? I have a hard time "giving it to God" as most christians will say. I have successfully done that upon occasion. Most of the time its right before bed, so that I can get to sleep. I try to imagine how it will be when I get to heaven, not having to worry about the every day little things anymore- just peaceful. That puts me to sleep pretty fast. Well, today is midweek and I can't wait till the weekend. We don't have any plans but I just can't wait to be able to spend some time with Jason. I think I might take the kids to the bookstore today. We will see. Until another day...

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