Friday, May 15, 2009

House Projects

This week my house has undergone some changes! My neighbor cama over and has helped(done most of the work) finish our upstairs bathroom's floor, walls, and trim. It looks awesome! I painted the kitchen, something that has needed to be done for many months now! I still need to go over a couple of places but I really like it. I need to sew some curtains(where to begin with fabric choices??) and get some pics up but that will come in time. I am so grateful that we are getting these things done. Today I am spending time catching up from yesterday. I didn't do laundry yesterday because we had some things we had to get taken care of outside of the home. I have about 3 loads now waiting for me!! I usually do about 2 loads a day. Good thing I don't mind it so much:) I just turn on some music and enjoy it.

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