Saturday, May 16, 2009

Week of 5/11

Cheaper by the Donzen(Reading out loud)
The Perilous Road(K)
Sarah Whitcher's Story(K)
Freedom Train(Charlotte)
Hop Books(Toby)
The Story of Thomas Edison(K)
Helen Keller(K)
The Terrible Wave(K)
Talked about fractions w/Jason
Played with over 15 rolie polies, looked up what they ate, etc..
Went to the Zoo

Social Studies:
Read about World War 1(How it got started), why it was a different war because the technology was different(more destructive).

-Toby counted to 400!! We never practiced this, he just wanted to do it so he figured it out. What a smart little guy.
-Studied the praying mantis and watched a video of it
-Summer has learned how to fold rags!
-Kaitlyn sewed Summer a doll without any help from me! I will post pics
-Kaitlyn sewed Alex a boy doll.
-Played webkinz and new educational computer game
-Kaitlyn sewed another doll just for me to take pics since Summer drew on the other 2. How sweet:)
-We will be going to a promotional picnic on 5/16 where we will get to see some chickens! Yay!!
-They learned about how to strip the wallpaper, put in tiles, etc.. because of all the work that has been done in the bathroom.
-Kaitlyn read out loud to the littles a good bit this week, thank you Kaitlyn!

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