Friday, May 01, 2009

Progress on the health front

We have made(and are still making) some changes here. In light of all the yucky chemicals I found hiding in alot of our "healthy" food, we have been more vigilant in checking labels. You know, those pesky little things that we don't want to look at for fear that it will make us feel guilty. I am completely off stevia. I still drink coffee but it is mostly decaf. I use almond milk, which I buy from the store, but I will soon be making it myself. I bought a couple of nutbags but I need more because I am using those for sprouting grain. I LOVE my essene bread! The kids are eating alot more raw food thankfully. They love fruit, zuchini speghetti, lettuce wraps with peanut butter, essene bread with honey, salad, and green shakes. I have yet to find a salad dressing that they like that is healthy. I have tried buying them from the store and they hate those. They like ranch dressing but everyone starts breaking out on their face when they eat it. I need to find a recipe that works so it won't be so expensive! I have one that I LOVE. It's Annies green goddess dressing. It's not raw but I am going to experiment with making it raw this weekend. It's just too expensive to keep buying. I had such a great time yesterday at my friends house. She let me use her oat flaker! I brought my oat groats over and went to town. They are soo much better! I love to just sit and chat with her, such a neat lady. I talked to my Daddy the other day and found out that he is doing soo awesome. He is bending his leg and pressing on toward the goal. I swell up with pride(I know, I know) when I think about all he has been through and where he is now. Love you Daddy and Mama Sue! That's all for now. Wow, I was really chatty today. :)

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