Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simply cooked

I wanted to add to my last post about raw foods. I actually believe that cooked foods are not evil! One of the problems with cooked foods is that we usually buy convenience foods. Canned, frozen, prepackaged, processed, you get the picture. We rarely eat simply when it comes to cooked food. It's much easier to open a can of green beans than it is to blanch some fresh ones. Who wants to eat pasta by itself? You have to buy sauce. Who wants to eat a steak without something to go with it? Fries without ketchup? I can honestly say that one of the reasons I love raw food is that each ingredient tastes pretty good just by itself. Squash might need a little help. :) I am positive that if my body needed squash, it would taste wonderful by itself. I have found that the kids like simple foods versus complex. They would rather eat their food in it's basic form. Maybe we need to get back to that. Even if you eat cooked food, try to eat simpler, without adding a bunch of stuff to cover up whatever your eating. Maybe your body would tell you it doesn't want it. Now wouldn't that be neat?

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