Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hopeful Weekend

We are gearing up for camping this weekend. I am excited but a little bit concerned. I am not sure if we are setting ourselves up for failure or not. We won't be far away from the house so I guess we can always come home if these get tough. I am planning on taking lots of pics-hopefully I will be able to upload them. I am having problems with my camera and that's one of the reasons there hasn't been as many pics.

Yesterday I sewed Charlotte culottes. I think they look pretty good. The day before that I sewed Kaitlyn and Summer matching skirts. I was able to get a picture of Charlotte's culottes but I will have to wait till this weekend to upload Summer's and Kaitlyn's pics. Here's Charlotte's culottes and a few of the other kids.


mandmplusfive said...

I keeping meaning to post a comment and let you know that I pop in often and check out your blog :o)

Have fun camping :o) And don't forget the critter jar :o)

Micah (CMOMB)

Crystal said...

Hi! I would love to visit you on your blog as well but I don't have access. The camping only lasted 1 night. It was fun but we were worried the little ones were a little too loud. So we're back with the next two days free since dh has them off. Yay!