Monday, May 25, 2009

Been Thinking

Yet another post about raw foods:) I have been thinking about something. Is it the raw foods that make us healthy or the lack of chemicals, etc... when we go on a raw food "diet". What if you ate anything you wanted, cooked or uncooked, but just didn't eat anything with artificial colors, MSG, etc.. in it. I don't think I have met anyone that has tried both to compare. That would be an interesting experiment. The hard part would be buying meats and what not. They would need to be grass fed, hormone free, and free range and that can be expensive. Eggs are cheaper. Milk is another story as well. It would be cheaper to do a chemical free cooked lifestyle than it would to do a raw food lifestyle. That is something to consider, might be fun. Trying to come up with cheap, chemical free, easy meals that taste good. Ok, I think I have a new project. The kids would love this. I could posts some of the meals I come up with, though I am sure there are tons on the net.

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